Starbound Theatre is an award winning youth theatre program that works with the diverse families of our community.  We partner with city recreation departments to offer low-cost, quality theater training and pride ourselves on being able to provide opportunities for students ages 5-22.


Since opening our doors in 2003, Starbound Theatre has successfully produced over twenty shows to student audiences and families while keeping the registration fee at a low cost. This gives us the ability to outreach to as many students as possible regardless of their socioeconomic background. Over 800 students have benefited from our comprehensive training and thousands in the community have enjoyed our performances.

As the arts continue to get stripped from the school curriculum, it is our mission to step in and fill the gap. Drama arts provides essential benefits our children need such as:​

* Self-Confidence: When students take risks in class and in performances, students learn to trust their ideas and abilities as individuals.

* Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Students working through this process learn how communicate their thoughts and look at things from a different perspectives and formulate their own opinions.

* Imagination & Creative Thinking: Through decision making and creative exploration 

students are given the chance to play with imaginative ideas.

* Cooperation & Collaboration: Working in groups with other peers allows students to 

collaboratively discuss, rehearse, and combine creative ideas with peers at various levels.


 Quite simply, our goal is to ensure that our young actors all learn to take a bow and come up taller!

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